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Gas Liquids Engineering is an industry leader in the area of CO2 processing and sequestration, or CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration). Having carried out more carbon sequestration projects than any other engineering firm on earth in the form of amine processing and geostorage, GLE has a thorough understanding of the highly unique requirements for handling CO2. With over 30 years of successful sequestration projects involving CO2 and H2S (also known as Acid Gas Injection), GLE’s experience in the specialized requirements of CO2 systems makes us highly skilled in the processes, equipment selections, and specifications required.

GLE also developed the lowest cost dehydration process currently available for CO2, now used globally in CO2 transportation and sequestration. GLE has carried out commercial CO2 purification projects, and projects feeding the largest carbon sequestration system in Canada, one of the largest sequestration projects currently in operation globally.

Carbon Capture Amine – Carbon Capture Engineering

  • CO2 Terminals
  • CO2 Storage
  • CO2 Pipelines
  • Supercritical CO2 Equipment Specifications
  • CO2 Thermodynamics
  • Materials Requirements for Corrosive CO2 / Water Systems
  • Emissions Reductions
  • Operational Support & Troubleshooting
  • Carbon Capture Engineering
  • Carbon Capture Process

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CO2 Processing & CO2 Sequestration Publications

GLE has issued numerous publications on Carbon Capture Amine , Carbon Capture Engineering, Carbon Capture Design ,Carbon Capture Process , processing, thermodynamics, and geostorage. Our publications are available for download or purchase here.

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