Pembina – KRIA Phase 2 Gas Lift Compressors

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) completed a FEED study for the installation of two (2) gas lift compressors, methanol injection package for hydrate control, methanol storage tank, and three (3) pig receivers on fuel gas pipeline risers at Pembina’s Kaybob Regional Infrastructure Alliance (KRIA) Phase 2 facility, which is being constructed adjacent to the Duvernay Phase 1 (DR2, DS1/2, and DH1) facility currently under construction 10 km West of Fox Creek, Alberta. The FEED study proceeded into full engineering design and GLE is now currently undertaking EPCM services on the project.

Installed equipment will include:

  • Two (2) Gas Lift Compressors rated for Sour Service
    • Two (2) single-stage Ariel KBK/4 compressor packages (2 x 50% 30 MMSCF/d) equipped with 2500 hp TECO Westinghouse Electric Motor. One to be installed initially, with provisions for a second in the future.
  • Methanol Injection Package
    • 2 x 100% 2.75 m3/d @ 21000 kPag (3046 psig)
    • 635 bbl Methanol Storage Tank